Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

“You are not in the mountains. The mountains are in you.”John Muir

Santani Wellness Resort and Spa is a sustainable wellness retreat, 2800 feet above sea level, surrounded by a lush tropical jungle of the Sri Lankan highlands. It is located an hour outside of the scared city of Kandy and 4 hours away from the Bandaranayake International Airport.

1. Ambience

The beauty of Santani’s location is in its remoteness and the calm and serenity of its surrounding mountains. Everything at Santani Resort Wellness and Spa is geared towards achieving harmony – from its exquisite minimalist design to its star quality health packages.

This 48-acre former tea plantation within a pristine forest has allowed Santani to create a restorative destination spa, which is completely accessible yet blissfully secluded.

It is best to visit Santani during the months of January to May when the weather is between 22-28 degrees.

2. Accommodation

All rooms at Santani has similar minimalist interiors. There are 16 Mountain View Chalets and 4 Garden View Chalets and each one is built with the support of natural ventilation which requires no air conditioning.  If you are interested in total uninterrupted views of the valley then request for a Mountain View Chalet.

Make sure to rise up early to witness the sunrise over the mist wrapped mountains and listen as the rainforest comes to life. Or take a seat in your private balcony during sunset and watch the sky as it turns into bright shades of pink and purple.

3. Service

The service levels at Santani exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The staff were friendly and extremely attentive making our stay a wonderful one.

4. Food

Santani Food
Santani Food

We found this to be the best feature of Santani. You will have your very own customized meal plans designed by the in-house chef and their very own Ayurvedic Doctor. This is healthy food on a different level which is locally sourced and exceptional in taste. You will get to experience healthy but delicious dishes such as Duck confit, Grilled prawns with Kale/Mustard sauce and Grilled Grass-fed Australian Tenderloin or mouthwatering variations of local rice and curry preparations.

The only other thing competing against the food is the view! Nothing beats the view at this spectacular restaurant at Santani. The external walls of the restaurant are made of glass offering 360-degree views of the lush green mountains and its surrounding valleys. And if you’re lucky you might even have the chance to dine above the clouds or even a rainbow.

5. Poolside

Santani Poolside
Santani Poolside

Santani has two pools and it includes a thermal saltwater pool inside the impressive spa of Santani. Although it is covered, it has a partial wall on the side that allows you to gaze at the lush green lawns and the surrounding mountains while you relax and unwind.

A dip in the shimmering main infinity pool by the edge of the property offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges is a must during your stay at Santani. Also make sure to go for a dip at dusk as the setting sun transforms the sky into shades of pink, purple and inky blue which reflects off the shimmering surface of the pool.

6. Things to do

The cool, fresh mountain climate of this region makes it a superb destination for exploring outdoors. Here’s a list of activities you can easily engage in during your stay at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa.

  • Santani River Walk – Guided walk with a Naturalist
  • Hike to the Werapitiya Hanging Bridge
  • Bird watching around Santani
  • Visit to Bambaragala cave temple (an hour away by vehicle)
  • Hike to Rangala natural pool (starts and ends with a 30-minute tuk ride)
  • Hike to Cobett’s Gap cloud forest, and visit to Kandy city (an hour and half drive by vehicle)
  • Golf at the Victoria Golf Club (an hour’s drive by vehicle).

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